Sunday, August 01, 2004

teeny bopper club

teenybopperclub .com

Rating: 87

Where to find lively and energetic teeny boppers? Well, go right into their club,, that is. This site is home to adorable horny teenyboppers who gamely take on a different kind of initiation.

Launched in 2003, features horny teeny bopper club aged 18 to 19 and there are bunch of real cuties. However, I am not convinced with the other who seems to look older if not for their pony tailed hair and simple make-up.

The site design was simple -- properly indexed pages give the members easy access from one page to another. The navigation was made easy and you can focus on the main fare.

Each model also comes with her set of photos with 60 to over 90 full-size pictures for each one. They are actually video captures so expect some blurriness and dark parts. On the other hand, each episode has a set of clips which usually ranges from 22-37 clips. Each clip has a running time of one minute and they can be played with Windows Media player for various speed connections: low, medium, and high. The full version of each episode is also available but you have to have a high speed connection. The videos can be streamed with good sound and picture quality. The hitch however is that they are for streaming only, they can not be downloaded.

The actions you will witness and stare at inside the members’ area are really hot. Though the site says the girls in their site are just first timers, they act like pros. You can hear from the clear sound of each episode the moans and groans of these teenyboppers while their tight holes are getting sucked and ripped off.

Aside from the main content of the site, there are also extra features that could keep you busy for days and brighten up your lonely moments. The site offers chats, exclusive videos, and bonus sites that you can access for free using just the same username and password.

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